Sunday, March 14, 2010

Getting by without a Little Help from My Friends

Weekends are as boring as any other day in the Lingerie Department, at least at my store, which has a pronouncedly lower volume than the rest in the area. Dull, drawn-out boredom rules. All one can think about is how much one would rather be at the St. Paddy's Day parade, or snoozing on a couch somewhere, or having a root canal.

Yesterday was no different. To assuage my boredom, I was helping another salesgirl who had a huge sale. I was putting UII tags on her merchandise, offering add-ons to her customer (which she took, by the way, increasing the girl's sale even more), and then I got the customer to apply for our new store debit card. At which point the other salesgirl turned to me with a look that would scare Medusa and said icily, "Hey. I got it." In other words, "Get the fuck out of here, bitch."

Who knew helping your fellow salesgirls was verboten? She obviously thought I was trying to steal her sale, which would have been moronic. However, I assured her that if she doesn't want my help, she can count on never having it again. And now that I know her basic assumption is that someone is stealing rather than helping, I'm going to be watching her like a hawk and running across the department to get to customers before her, because that whore has been stealing customers from me since I started working here. Watch out, sister. I may not be long for this job, but I plan to kick your ass while I'm here. 

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